What it takes to become a certified diver?

American audiences experienced the beneath the sea beauty, excitement, and adventure with the TV shows such as Sea Hunt. Since then people have started learning the diving to experience that adventure themselves.

There are many Americans who learn the diving to try the shark diving Oahu tours but others learn it to enjoy the adventures of the underwater world. When it comes to training, only trained and certified instructors can do so.

There are three important elements that are included in diver training i.e. Open Water training, Confined Water or pool training and Academic or classroom study. Qualifications, training procedures and entry requirements vary around the world.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the training and requirements that are essential in the United States to qualify as a beginner diver.


Age matters a lot in this field. In order to begin diver training, you need to be at least 12-years old. However, there are certain training agencies that sponsor junior diver, restricted training programs, where under 12 kids can perform.

Are you fit for diving?

A reasonable level of physical fitness and good health is required for the diving because it is an active sport. There is a simple questionnaire available on the internet that you can review to determine whether you’re fit for diving or not.

You’ll be able to make an intelligent decision with the guidelines from IDSSC or WRSTC because they’ll help you understand the medical issues that are involved in diving.

Find an instructor

You can easily find a certified instructor with the help of a friend or an advertisement. You should find someone who can help you develop your skills with your own way of learning and instructor you choose must be well-qualified.

Find a place to learn

When it comes to choosing an instructor or a dive store to conduct your training, something that matters a lot is convenience. Depending on the structure of the course you may have to spend hours or even weeks to learn diving so you must choose a store that is convenient to your workplace or home.

Now all you need to do is grab the required equipment and start your training. You’ll start developing your skills day by day. When the instructor realizes that you’ve completely become a successful diver, he’ll ask the training agency to provide you the certificate that’ll help you show your identity as an experienced diver.

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