The best waterproof fitness gear for divers

Health and fitness are the concern of most of the people these days. Everybody wants to look fit and attractive. People try different sports and exercises to maintain a fit and healthy body but there are others who take part in fitness activities as a hobby or profession. Diving is a sport that is filled with adventures and helps you stay fit and healthy at the same time.

Keeping a track of your performance can help you improve your stamina and become a professional scuba diver. The problem with diving is that here you can’t track your information unless you have completely waterproof equipment with you. If you’re willing to capture the amazing moments with you, you must consider having a waterproof camera.

There are several other things that you must carry with you but the addition of the best waterproof fitness tracker is a must if you want to track your performance. In this article, we’re going to talk about the best waterproof fitness gear you must bring with you if you want to track your performance when diving.

Moov Now

This is the perfect option for you if you’re looking for the best fitness tracker. It is not only a fitness tracker but it has several other cool features in it. This built-in coaching system of this wearable is amazing. It doesn’t only provide you the feedback on your swimming but it helps you improve your swimming by providing the accurate metrics.

Before leaving the changing room, you need to turn on the dedicated swimming mode. It is a waterproof tracker but going deeper than 30m can cause some problem. It provides you the feedback on your distance, rate, stroke type and efficiency when you get back. It will also indicate your pool stamina while showing the lap times.

Moov HR can be an ideal option for you if you’re looking for a tracker that can help you monitor your heart rate in the real time. The problem with Moov HR is that it’s not water resistant so you need to wear it inside the swimming cap. The traditional swimming caps aren’t going to work here, therefore, they have introduced a specific cap for this particular purpose.

Fitbit Flex 2

The Fitbit is a very popular company and their swim-friendly band will definitely be a good option for you. You can dive in the water and go down to the 50m in the pool or ocean with this water-resistant tool. The cool thing about this gadget is that it comes with a long-lasting battery that works for at least five days after being completely charged.

Its LED light is an amazing feature that alerts you in case of a problem. It has the ability to track the performance of four main swimming strokes such as breaststroke, freestyle, butterfly, and backstroke. It tracks the distance, duration, and pace for a basic breakdown. If you’re looking for a pocket-friendly option, then it is the perfect choice for you.