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Scuba Diving Equipment To Make Diving Easier And More Enjoyable

Even after more than twenty years into underwater adventures, I have found that we are always getting to know new things about the underwater world that we keep exploring. At the experience level of every diver, we also get to know new things about our companions, ourselves and most importantly our equipment. With more information being obtainable about scuba diving equipment, our understanding keeps growing, and our journey gets easier. The sea scooters reviewed by also come as a major help for us because they help us in enriching our experience in scuba diving.

Generally speaking, scuba diving is an intense equipment activity involving a technical understanding. This activity also requires you to have appropriate equipment as a diver as well as passing the proper courses. This does not mean that you need to spend a fortune, but you cannot afford to skimp either. To go by my word, “Get the right equipment that you can afford.”

The scuba regulator is one of the most important pieces of scuba diving equipment used by a diver. The regulator provides the air needed to breathe once you slip into the underwater world. It is important for you to get a high-performance regulator. Also, ensure that the regulator fits different requirements and applications for various conditions and locations. In my view, you must go for a regulator that works perfectly well in cold and warm water and shallow and deep water as well. This will probably cover all your requirements without the need of investing in a new regulator shortly.

The next important piece of scuba diving equipment that you might want to buy is a wetsuit. You might have heard of this popular saying that the scuba divers either pee in their wetsuits or they simply lie. According to me, this is not true. But yes, scuba divers do pee in their wetsuits. For this reason, at least, you might need your very own wetsuit instead of hiring or borrowing one. Get a new wetsuit that keeps you warm.

An alternate source of air is that one piece of scuba diving equipment that gets into instant action in the rare situation when a friend runs out or low on air. Many divers are trained in using alternate air sources. If you are a beginner, you must make it a point to get an alternate source of air before getting underwater. Also, try being trained on using the equipment in the right manner. Initially, I had problems using mine, but slowly and steadily I gained control. Now, I am here; all prepared to get the best supply of air if I run low or out of it.

Next, good quality as well as a high-performance dive computer is one of the most fantastic information resources and time savers. It works in the form of a management system displaying critical information about the dive that you are on. Apart from these, there are always those basic scuba diving accessories that you require. They include fins, mask, and snorkel.

What it takes to become a certified diver?

American audiences experienced the beneath the sea beauty, excitement, and adventure with the TV shows such as Sea Hunt. Since then people have started learning the diving to experience that adventure themselves.

There are many Americans who learn the diving to try the shark diving Oahu tours but others learn it to enjoy the adventures of the underwater world. When it comes to training, only trained and certified instructors can do so.

There are three important elements that are included in diver training i.e. Open Water training, Confined Water or pool training and Academic or classroom study. Qualifications, training procedures and entry requirements vary around the world.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the training and requirements that are essential in the United States to qualify as a beginner diver.


Age matters a lot in this field. In order to begin diver training, you need to be at least 12-years old. However, there are certain training agencies that sponsor junior diver, restricted training programs, where under 12 kids can perform.

Are you fit for diving?

A reasonable level of physical fitness and good health is required for the diving because it is an active sport. There is a simple questionnaire available on the internet that you can review to determine whether you’re fit for diving or not.

You’ll be able to make an intelligent decision with the guidelines from IDSSC or WRSTC because they’ll help you understand the medical issues that are involved in diving.

Find an instructor

You can easily find a certified instructor with the help of a friend or an advertisement. You should find someone who can help you develop your skills with your own way of learning and instructor you choose must be well-qualified.

Find a place to learn

When it comes to choosing an instructor or a dive store to conduct your training, something that matters a lot is convenience. Depending on the structure of the course you may have to spend hours or even weeks to learn diving so you must choose a store that is convenient to your workplace or home.

Now all you need to do is grab the required equipment and start your training. You’ll start developing your skills day by day. When the instructor realizes that you’ve completely become a successful diver, he’ll ask the training agency to provide you the certificate that’ll help you show your identity as an experienced diver.

Our Trip on an Oahu Shark Dive Was Amazing!

Our last trip shark diving in Oahu Yielded us some amazing footage and experiences.  Here is a transcript from my diary on exactly what I felt, how it was, and why I am ready to go back for more!

Well I am back from what was an incredible adventure. Guadalupe Islands…now when I hear those words, forever will it put a smile on my face. Three days of diving, six different white sharks 100 plus feet of visibility, an I-MAX film crew, and an exciting group of travelers! Not to mention unlimited beer on the trip.

Our first day of diving, we prepared for our introductory dive. This is where Lawrence Groth our Trip Captain and Expedition leader teaches us how to enter and exit the cages. I was with the first group and as I was climbing into the cage I heard someone yell out, Shark! I dropped into the cage quickly with the other person who was already in the cage, Mark Cita, one of Shark Diver’s guests. I spotted the shark and screamed through the regulator. (It was NOT a school girls scream; it was sort of macho sounding) I tapped Mark on the shoulder to show him the approaching shark. There it was; my first encounter with the lord of all sharks. He was around fourteen feet long, weighing in around 1800 pounds. A big BABY! Words can never describe what it feels like to come face to face with a great white shark, you just have to drop down and feel it for yourself. It is AMAZING! We enjoyed a couple more passes from the large shark, and had two more sharks show up to see what was going on. I forgot to mention. We had only been there an hour. We arrived at Guadalupe Island, dropped anchor, dropped the cages into the water, geared up and went in for our ten minute introductory dive. That’s it!! That is all the time that was needed before the first sharks showed up. Like I said it is an amazing place. I stayed down for around twenty minutes and Scott Davis, a marine biologist working with Great White Adventures, began signaling on the cage for us to get out and allow the other guests to complete their training dive and get used to the cage.  Check out The Hawaiian Shark Diving Tours in Oahu we picked to go on. We enjoyed the rest of the day’s dives and all of us chatted away the rest of the night. The stories all involved whitey, about how exciting it was, how large they are, etc. I was excited to find out that the great whites eyes look black, but they really have a dark blue pupil. Read more about the type of sharks you might see here.

Day two things kind of slowed down a bit, we only saw two different white sharks….yeah, only two. One word comes to mind: spoiled! I did get to see the 3-D I-MAX film crew work their magic. And….I got to see them work outside the cage! It was amazing to see how a film is put together. Working diligently underwater for hours, the water temp being a balmy 65 degrees, they must have been freezing. I was cold from 90 minute dives; I can only imagine what two-three hours must have felt like. But I saw how they put their dailies together. Our third day was magic. By the third day thousands of bait fish had made the bottom of the boat their home. We had two seals hanging around all day, eating hang baits and trying to chase away the sharks. The sharks wouldn’t leave so they just followed them instead, making sure they always new where they were. The I-MAX film crew got plenty of footage for their movie, I got to film them filming underwater, so hopefully it will come out in their behind the scenes footage. Their was so many magic moments, so many sharks, seals, schools of tuna fish, bait fish, just so much life around this big rock of an island. I also got to see my first natural breaching. A huge white shark exploded out of the water in the distance. It was awesome to see. We ended the trip with big irremovable smiles. We all saw sharks, we ate well and had fun, but most importantly we all left with new friends from different parts of the world.

Tips To Choosing The Best Diving Center For Your Next Scuba Diving Holiday

If you are looking for a dive trip at some exotic place like Rhode Island, then you need to choose a suitable dive center. Before you choose the center, you need to do substantial researches on the same. You will always want your experience to be fun and exciting but needs to be well thought out and planned. Stay away from the centers that are disreputable. The choice of diving center will determine the kind of experience you have from this adventurous sport. With the right center, you will surely have an awesome and memorable scuba diving experience. There are some guidelines you need to follow in order to arrive at a suitable diving center.

Read up the online testimonials and online reviews

There are various websites offering information on diving centers of Rhode Island. You can check out the names of the diving centers there and then read up the reviews. Be aware of the centers that have only positive reviews. It may happen that all the reviews are false and are purchased by the business.

Call up the dive center in advance

Before booking any of the dive shops, you must call up the shop or at least drop an email. Try to figure out how very responsive the dive shop is.

Have a look at the dive packages

After you have the list of names of dive centers, you may check out the dive packages. Choose the center which offers you the best deals.

Have a look at the safety equipments

Make sure that your chosen dive center is up-to-date with all the equipments.

Apart from the above mentioned tips, you can also go by your instinct and make a suitable choice.